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    Font upgrade.
  2. Body and Interior
    I found a new one for a 66 but do not know if it is the same for a 63, sure looks like it but I know it doesn't need to differ by much to not fit Does anyone know if this listed as 66 will fit a 63 if anyone can remove it from their junk car let me know
  3. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    My grill is a little tired and I thought maybe I would look for a new one. So, I looked on ebay. I found this one for $1500.00 obo. Really? they are that scarce?
  4. Body and Interior
    Can somebody tell me if they have experience with a billet grille for a 1963 Nova and if so what brand and how was the quality? I saw that Carriage Works makes one.
  5. Body and Interior
    What is the difference between the two? and does anybody know where you can get a billet grill for a 62?
  6. Body and Interior
    This helps hold the grill and headlight etc and I Have a new rad support for my 74 Nova and I cant find these anywhere! Noone makes them either and there are no parts cars around here Ive been able to locate. The ones from 72 and back wont fit I have a pair and they dont fit at all. Its the...
  7. Body and Interior
    Hello everyone. I am new here and looking for help and advice. I just purchased a 1974 olds omega with the rocket 350 (now making 373 horse and 403 ft lb torque) and I am restoring the body. My father had a 72 rally nova and I want to change the omega grill and front bumper to the 1972 Nova...
  8. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    i saw this photo online the other day and i kinda liked it, and i wanted to know what everyone thought? im thinking about painting the whole front end chrome black like this to mine, but i dont think im gonna end up doing it :o and also, do you think the 73 + 74 look better with, or without the...
  9. Body and Interior
    Does anyone have a diagram or link to a page that shows all connections needed for the bumper/grill/grill filler/brackets. I took mine apart to replace the radiator support, bumper, and grill on my '72, and I want to do it right, without having a bag of bolts left after I finish. Taking it apart...
1-9 of 11 Results