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  1. One car that saddens me will go

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have fallen victim to posting a sale of a Nova.... So here is the add. This car has made me grin everytime I drive it. Pretty much, it is all true that has been posted in the add. Except the all leather seats. That car...
  2. Hello, New 1970 Nova here!!

    Member Introductions
    Hi guys i'm glad to be apart of your team!! It seems like a great forum with an abundance of knowledge!! I have some pictures on a photo album here is the link i hope you like!! I couldn't figure out how to post them on here?!! Thanks Nic...
  3. How Rare?

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I was just wondering how rare my Chevy II is. It is a 2 door, Ash Gold on Ivy Gold, standard interior with deluxe steering wheel, bench seat, 307, powerglide, with a 10 bolt. I was reading some comments on a thread that made me think that a gold on gold car may be a rare combination. On the...