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glass install

  1. 70 Rear Window install

    Body and Interior
    Sorry guys if this is posted somewhere... I found a really nice used rear window for my 70. The original window is long gone, so there's nothing there now. I've never installed a window.. so I'm going to have someone do it... however I'm unclear about one aspect. That is, he clips that hold...
  2. Back glass trims

    Body and Interior
    Ok. I'm starting to wreck stuff here. I'm trying to get the stainless trims our of my back glass on my 65 HT and am at this point convinced that they truly want to stay there and not come off. I have slid a plastic putty knife under them and lifted, tilted, pryed and pulled. I don't see any...
  3. '63 SS Back Glass Weatherstrip

    Body and Interior
    Hi all, I ordered a part from Classic Industries which was listed as a back glass "sport coupe" weatherstrip for 62-65 Nova (part# K4036). Unfortunately it's totally wrong. I have a '63 SS Coupe, anyone know the right part number or place to purchase? I need "everything" to put in the rear...
  4. 62-67 windshield install (how to w/pics)

    Best of Body and Interior
    I Have been meaning to do this for some time now and today I had the opportunity to install a windshield in a 65 Nova SS. So here goes : First here are the tools you will need hook tool (cotter pin puller), 1/4" or 3/8" rope (3/8" is prefered) and some type of byutl sealant ( tremco wb300...