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  1. 4th Generation Nova's
    I got new autometer gauges for my 78 nova. Do I need to drop the gas tank in order to hook up the new fuel gauge?
  2. 4th Generation Nova's
    I bought my 78 nova a few months ago and now I'm tearing into it. My friend is going to make me a custom dash and I'm going to replace the gauges. I found this complete Auto meter set on summit. The problem is that the fuel gauge says that it is electric. If I understand right, the fuel gauge in...
  3. Electrical
    '69 CHEVY NOVA So on my instrument panel, something weird is going on. I've done a lot of work over the years to the instrument panel. Fixed the gas gauge, installed a tach, rewired the circuit board. My instrument panel indicator lights (GEN, TEMP, BRAKE, OIL) lights are not working. I...
  4. Electrical
    Hey fellas, I need your help, again :) I'm in the process of replacing my leaky fuel tank with a new Jaz fuel cell (Bladder in a box). Since I got the car the gas gauge would only read 1/4 full even if the tank was full. Initially I thought that the float was broke or corroded. Long story short...
  5. Drivetrain & Performance
    Would this radiator cap be useful or is it simply worthless??? I am wanting to keep an eye on the temp to make sure my engine is not overheating and simply relying on the dummy light is frustrating. I had some issues a while back with a faulty thermostat +a faulty wire, so no dummy light=very...
1-5 of 6 Results