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gas tank

  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 1973 2 door nova with a mechanical fuel pump and a leaking gas tank. The car has always smelled like gasoline and it's gotten worse as of recently. I filled up the tank with gas this past Friday and noticed gas overflowing from the seam in the middle of the tank. It appears to be the...
  2. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    On a 1973 Nova SS there are two brackets welded to the bottom of the trunkpan these brackets keep the gas tank supported and attached to the car. One of these brackets has almost completely rusted away. The car isn't road worthy yet, but this is a major preventative. Because it Han nearly...
  3. Drivetrain & Performance
    For my 1972 is there more than one option when replacing the fuel sending unit? I've seen a couple different models and was just wondering if anyone could help me out. It's the stock gas tank btw. Thank you for any help you can give me.