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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    i have a 1966 sedan that i am in the process of upgrading steering/suspension/drivetrain parts. I am aiming for a pro touring style setup. The car will be driven mainly on the street, but will hit the drag strip or autocross track from time to time. i want to put a ford 9" in it, but i am...
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    Is there any companies out there that make a ready to go (or almost ready to go) bolt in ford 9 inch kit for the first and second gen cars? I have a 1966 sedan and want a 9 inch, but i dont have a ton of knowledge about them. So i figured my best bet was to find a kit, but i cant seem to find...
  3. Drivetrain & Performance
    could anyone give me any info on putting a ford 9" in my 62' nova
1-3 of 3 Results