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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    Hello, I have an LS2 that I will be mating to a B.W. Super T10. My initial plan was to use a conversion flywheel that is 0.400" deeper. However I believe my crank is beyond repair from a spun rod bearing. Sooo… could I get a 1999-2000 LQ4 crankshaft (6.0 truck/suburban engine) that is 0.400"...
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    I am swapping this weekend. I am pulling the 6 for the v8. I read that is ideal to change the fly wheel to 153 tooth and high performance starter, is this true? Can i use the stock flywheel and starter from mid 80 350 in first gen?
  3. South Western US
    Having trouble locating a flywheel for my 64 nova wagon. Its my first nova and im fairly new to this inline 6 world. its a 230 3.8 with the 2speed powerglide on it. its been a week shes been out and ive looked all over the Inland empire calling everyone i know. Need it asap and i am more than...