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  1. exhaust advise

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I am getting close to being done with restoration of my 1969 L78 396 Nova. My goal is for car to be stock appearing other than headers. I want to exhaust to look correct with the correct tailpipes and transverse muffler. I know Gardner makes the premium correct system, but they are expensive and...
  2. 70 Nova exhaust routing with welded subframe connectors

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi guys, I have a 70 Nova with welded in sub frame connectors, I have a 383 with headers and 3 inch exhaust going to flowmasters and dumped right before the differential pointed down somewhat. It blows dust all over and is a pain. I was thinking about running the exhaust out right before the...
  3. Pypes Race Pro mufflers review +++

    Exhausts and Headers
    Well my Flowmaster 40's drone finally shook my fillings loose. I wanted a different sound and the search was on. After scouring the dark corners of the inter-web, I found Pypes Exhaust. It's a company that I have noticed at show's and such but never really paid attention to them. They offer...
  4. 1st Gen L6 with 3speed Exhaust

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Looking for a picture of the downpipe routing in a 1st Gen with factory exhaust manifold, L6 engine, and 3 speed manual transmission with column shift. It's a tight space. The assembly manual's picture is a bit vague and I've never seen what it is supposed to look like. I did find this...
  5. Reducing Hot Interior - Advice Needed

    Body and Interior
    I'm looking for some advice from others who have had the problem of interior heat. I've been feeling like I'm in an oven when driving my 73 in Texas, especially during rush hour traffic. At first I though the heater was somehow on heating up my car but come to find out the heat is coming from...
  6. Exhausting exhaust!

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have had a 1965 mustang(289) for a while. It has Herman headers and dual flowmaster 40 series on it. It sounds perfect mean throaty sound! I recently got my baby a 1970 nova!(350sb) It has a cam, hooker headers, and a borla exhaust. I was not happy with sound I was getting from the borla's so...
  7. Magnaflow Videos or Sound Clips!?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a '66 sedan with a 355. Right now i have headman headers with 2.5 pipes into flowmaster 40 series mufflers all the way out the back. I am thinking about putting in an X pipe with magnaflow mufflers. I want any and as many videos or audio clips as i can get to help make my decision on what...
  8. Should I switch from H-Pipe to X-Pipe? And 2.25" to 2.5"

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm getting ready to add headers to replace my stock manifolds. My mufflers also need to be replaced and I'm wondering if it's worth it to replace the whole shebang and go from a 2.25" H-Pipe to a 2.5" X-Pipe setup? My engine is the original 1971 stock 350 with no performance upgrades other...
  9. Which Summit Headers & Magnaflow Mufflers for stock 71?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi All, I have a 71 w/original stock 350, original cast iron intake and TH350 on the floor. Current exhaust is 2.25" H-Pipe setup with unknown mufflers and exiting behind the rear wheels. The muffler shop says the pipes are in good shape but the mufflers are shot. So mufflers are definitely...
  10. Magnaflow system

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Just a heads up Just bought New Magnaflow Exhaust system from with this discount code:bestoffer4 and spent 394.23. I see the same thing on ebay for no less than 497.00 and on magnaflow website for 688 something. Check it out if your interested V8 Small...
  11. Best Exhaust System

    4th Generation Nova's
    Seeking recommendations for the best dual exhaust system for a 1975 Nova 350 4 barrel. Especially looking for exit points of the tailpipes. Pictures would be great for comparison. Thanks!
  12. Flowmaster Muffler/ Tailpipe Question

    Drivetrain & Performance
    My 1975 currently bears Hedman headers to 2.5 pipes to no-name glass packs which dump out the rear as 2" tailpipes (original owner did this). I'm looking to install Flowmasters (40 series if possible). Is there a 2.5 inch tailpipe out there on the market that I can grab "off the shelf" instead...
  13. Who's done this???????

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Has anyone ever put 31 inch Hooker Super Comp headers in their 64 with a 350, th400, and stock steering? I would like to do this but im not sure if the headers will fit. Hooker says they will but I dont trust em. If youve done it send pics please. I really dont want to spend 500 bones on some...
  14. What Headers For My 64??????

    Exhausts and Headers
    what kind of headers will fit in my 64 with an sbc, th400, and everything else stock. I wanna use Hooker super comp headers and run them under the chassis. Does anybody see any problems with this? Has anybody ever done this before? Hooker says that these headers will work, but its alot of money...