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engine bay

  1. Body and Interior
    73 Nova, 2 door, 350/TH350 with factory A/C A few months ago I spun a bearing and pulled my engine. While trying to decide what to do about the engine I figured I should at least get the engine bay looking good and have it ready for an engine. The car originally had A/C but the previous owner...
  2. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Have a fairly pretty bay, putting tubular upper and lower arms (link below, feel free to tell me pos/neg if need be) and 3" hotchkiss lowering springs as well, and all of these pretty colors and upgrades and my ugly drilled up dirty inner fenders and rubber are ruining it. I run 255 street...
  3. 4th Generation Nova's
    Open for suggestions for chrome alternator to dress up the engine bay of my 75 Nova. The stock alt appears to be a two wire version, I'm thinking 63 volt but an upgrade wouldn't hurt! Pictures would be great! Thanks.