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  1. Originality
    Looking for assistance with the placment of trunk emblem on my '68. Don't have a body manual and, well, 68's are unique... '68 Custom 350/350 in Synergy Green
  2. Originality
    I have an all original 73 nova custom and the door panels on it where kind of rough so I bought another used set. They were originally white and someone painted them black, which is the color I need, but some of it is coming off so I want to re-spray them. They're currently gloss black but it...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. i am 16 years old and purchased my 1973 nova custom a few days ago. i love this car but still trying to learn more about it. if anyone of you know a website that tells you everything about this car please send the link. and one more thing. i want to change my custom into a SS, so...
  4. 4th Generation Nova's
    First my radiator went missing, huge pain in the arse. Then yesterday i noticed somebody thought my rear chevrolet emblem was pretty spiffy and decided to make off with it :( Whats gone missing from your nova?
1-4 of 4 Results