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  1. 67 nova NSS missing wires

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey fellas, I'm pulling my hair out trying to find the purple wires for the neutral safety switch on my 67 nova. I found the switch at the bottom of the steering column but no wires. I did find the pink & green wires that were cut off under the carpet behind the brake pedal but not the NSS...
  2. Floor lights and or ashtray light?

    Body and Interior
    hello, can anyone tell me where does this lights are attached to? first one seems to be pedal lights and the another could be the ashtray light or maybe another floor light? they work with the dimmer and stays on when you turn on the lights thanks in advance - Nova 73 250 Automatic 2 door coupe
  3. 1975 Chevy Nova Custom, lots of electrical work

    Hello guys, I've recently been running into a bunch of electrical issues with my Nova. It's specifically (as it says in the title) a 1975 Chevrolet Nova Custom that has been upgraded from a 262 small block, to a 383 stroker. I'll try to do a run-down of what I'm needing to do. As a side note...
  4. Fuel Pump Relay question

    Hi, I'm having problems with my Tyco 40/30A 5 prong relay running to my fuel pump. I have the 30 running from ACC with 12V going in. 86 is my ground, 85 in running into the IGN in my fuse block. 87 is running to the switch, then the switch to the fuel pump. The problem is that even though I...
  5. 1971 Nova no brake lights

    New to the forum and new (to me) car. I've been perusing the many brake light threads already but I've yet to find one that pertains to my situation. 1971 Nova 4 door sedan, original everything 250/powerglide. I have turn signals, hazards, taillights, headlights, sidemarkers, hi beams, horn...
  6. No tail lights 62 Chevy II

    Headlights work on both high and low beam. Brake lights work but the passenger side is brighter than the drivers side. tail lights do not work at all. double checked with the painless wiring diagram and everything is correct. any idea's or experience with this. It's a new headlight switch...
  7. Gen light at Idle

    A quick question of concern for you electrical geniuses out there: At low idle, occasionally my Gen light comes on and I hear a light "moaning" sound from the engine compartment. If I give it a little throttle, the sound and light go away. This doesn't happen all the time, only occasionally...
  8. NO Power to ACC & LPS on Fuse Block or Gauge Lights

    Hey there, I'm a new Nova owner, and I am having some small wiring problems with my '64 Wagon. I (had) Dash/Gauge Lights working when I bought the car (so I thought). It was hard to tell since most of the bulbs were burnt out and/or missing. I replaced all of the bulbs behind the gauges with...
  9. Clock Question

    Just want an opinion and see where the majority lies. Because I have heard about many different opinions and not sure what is accurate or which ones are "wives tales". I got an NOS clock for my 66 in 1997 and it worked great for about a year. Then it stopped. It is now in the shop being...
  10. No spark!!! Help

    Drove car to north of detroit from tennessee drove around a little drove out to pontiac get painted drove back from there now wont start. Have gas no spark. Changed to msd cap rotor coil and module still no spark. The distributor looks new very shiny so think it should all be fine. Been...
  11. Turn signal help!

    All six turn signals work on 71 nova. When I turn headlights on the front right turn signal doesn't work it gets brighter but doesn't work. The right, side one blinks but not the front. I assume ground but cant find it any ideas please help!
  12. Just a few wiring questions....

    I have a 1970 Nova 4 door that upon tearing apart I have found the harness to be very brittle, falling apart, cut, chewed on by mice etc... I am planning on replacing the entire harness from front to rear, and have a couple of questions prior to starting this task.Plans for the car include a...
  13. Headlight Connections

    So, ive been looking around for a while on what would be needed for me to safely convert my headlight switch ( knob thing) into a Rocker switch, or any switch other than stock for that matter and have found nothing. If anyone has any experience or knowledge on the subject it would be much...
  14. 1963 nova ss backseat courtesy light help!

    Body and Interior
    I have this light in the back of my SS chrome console. It kicks on when you open up the door as well as the overhead light. Problem I am having is I bought a bulb that seems to be the right one that fits in (dual contact twist in small round bulb) There is a white wire and black wire that go...
  15. captain, we need more power!

    Recently the taillights, brake lights & console lights went out on my 65 (4 door). I found a burnt out fuse and in the process of replacing it, i noticed a small spark in the fuse box. now the car has no power even when a fresh fuse was put in. Anybody know what it could be?
  16. Ignition Swap out info/help (resistor wire)

    I just changed out the points on my 63 convertible nova i6 194. i read a ton of stuff on here that said you had to change out resistor wire. this would be the braided wire that goes from the terminal block on the fire wall down to the starter, right? (that's where mine went) well the...
  17. washer pump running while wipers are on?

    Wipers were previously working but had no washer pump.. Just changed the pump out, old pump was in place, and the new pump is pulse spraying while the wipers are on... Any suggestions to test / make the pump function properly with the wipers? Switch doesn't seem to be the issue, unless it is a...
  18. Car starts on and off

    My 1968 nova starts beautifully when sitting for a few hours but if I try to start it 10minutes to a few hours after I shut it down it refuses to start or turn over, I believe it is the starter getting heat soaked if I jump it the car it starts. I replaced both of the battery cables cables. Any...
  19. 75 Nova V8 Automatic steering column and ignition

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    ok so Ive been having problem with starting my car. Just had ignition replaced but few weeks after Id have to hold shifter on column up and to the front and then turn key for it to start but now it won't do anything. I have power and radio and lights come on. Somebody told me whole steering...
  20. 1975 Nova 262 V8- turn signal lights won't come on.

    Hey I'm new here and a complete novice when it comes to working on cars. I just didn't grow up around it. Anyway my dad bought this 1975 Chevy nova brand new and this last year he gave it to me and it's my everday driver and I love her. Have had hardly any problems but I can't get any of the...