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  1. 73 Nova Reverse lights always on

    I have a 73 nova with an automatic th350. The steering column shifter has been replaced with a B&M floor shifter. The reverse lights are always on whenever the car is running. A few other issues that could be related... The red "BRAKE" light in the dash cluster is always on unless I press the...
  2. Alternator Not Charging

    Hi all, I have a '70 with an '85 350ci. The alternator is brand new and was working well until I wrapped my wiring harness in split loom tubing. I noticed that I was running 12v on my voltage gauge. I kept an eye on it but it finally gave up on me. I did some continuity testing and found that...
  3. Windshield wiper motor shorts to frame

    Hey guys, I'm new to this and just recently bought my 73 nova with a 350. When I got it the windshield wipers didn't work and I realized it was because the motor was disconnected. When I connected it I started feeling sparks coming off the bumper. Has anyone ran into this before? Is the motor...
  4. Electric Fan/Radiator

    I recently put a 350 in my 74 Nova, went to Oriellys and got a radiator for a 350. At running speed it is 175 degrees but when I stop it begins to overheat (185-190). My car currently does not have a shroud, but an upgraded radiator fan. Do I need to upgrade to a larger radiator (maybe an...
  5. Electric trunk button

    I know some of you guys have added a button for a electric trunk popper. This is a pic of mine in the ashtray above the cigarette lighter. Just wanted to share and see others...... just curious of your locations. Add some pics.