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  1. 1964 chevy 2 column neutral safety switch wiring

    I'm sure this is an old question, but I am having trouble wiring in my NSS into my new wiring harness from autowire. I have wires labeled for brake switch, reverse lights and reverse, but when I try to get my reverse lights to light when in R, they either come on when I hit the brake pedal or...
  2. Late model Dodge overhead console in my 66

    I am in the process of redoing my 66 with a TMI interior and headliner. Since the headliner is vinyl wrapped fiberglass I thought that the overhead console like the one in my '19 Charger would be a nice addition. Purchased a used one on eBay and then started to see how to attach it to the...
  3. Switch relay or fuse problem?

    4th Generation Nova's
    Hey this might be a simple problem but im still going to ask again to not make mistakes. My headlights and dash lights turn on like the cluster and wiper lights. But the high beams, side markers, tail lights come on and so do the oil, eng, and temp. I already checked the headlight switch. Any...