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  1. Shipping a Muncie m 21 and misc parts

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    How would I go about shipping a Muncie transmission?? I've never shipped something of that size before an would like some advice if anyone has any. Like what the heck do I even put it in? Who's the cheapest etc.... Thanks guys.
  2. 1967 nova ss Texas

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Here is a 67 ss (4spd) that should interest a few people lookin for nice car. I considered it myself, but since I want a CW front clip and built motor (my neighbor is a hot rod engine building legend! Seriously :D), it would be a shame and quite stupid to ruin an all original car (Haven't...
  3. 1964 2-Door in Riverside, CA

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Opening bid is for $1,500. Car looks rough, but shows some promise. Not sure if anyone here would be interested, but wanted to at least bring it to your attention in hopes someone might want to buy & restore it...
  4. Listed as a 1973 Grill....I think not...

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Look I dunno much about cars:no: but...I dont think this is a grill:confused:
  5. Anyone have these wheels

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    These rims seem to be for sale at a decent price - has anyone purchased these 17" rims and tires? Any issues regarding clearance? I've searched the forum but couldn't really find the answer I was looking for (if I've overlooked some postings, let me know) TIA Chris