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drip rail

  1. Body and Interior
    I’m looking for some A-piller drip rail pieces for my wagon. I have one and the other is around the shop or house or state somewhere, but I’m not sure if i should waste my time looking for some old junk or if there is somewhere that I can buy reproduction piece?
  2. Body and Interior
    Hey all, I finally painted my Nova after 10 Years! We are running into some issues with the drip rails. The tabs that hold the drip rail on the front are removed, and so the front trim piece has nothing to attach to. Has anyone experienced this? The only solutions I can think of is to weld some...
  3. Originality
    I'm restoring my 70 Nova SS 396 and am trying to keep it factory correct. With that, I would greatly appreciate some feedback from those that might know, if this Nova would have had chrome drip rails? I'm know so little about Drip Rails. Were they standard or just an option? Would they be...