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  1. Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, a little late to the game here... already on my second Nova now... first one was a 63 post car, put in a mustang 2 front end, rack and pinion, wildwood brakes. It started with a 383 stroker, stick shift, best 1/4 mile time was a 12.01. blew up that motor last year during the second...
  2. Drag Racing Forum
    I removed my reaer end and resquared my rear end when it went back in my car this winter, then took it to the alignmnet shop last saturday, they said it was pointing to the right .8 degrees. I moved the rearend based on thier alignment rack ended at .02 degrees. I move the right side forward...
  3. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Picked up one of Brian Bell's build a gasser in a weekend kit. I am very happy with the quality, fit and service. Thought you guys would like to see the progress.
  4. Drag Racing Forum
    Hey what's up?...I'm looking for a set of 250lb mustang ll springs for my heidt's front clip..I neen more i was thnikng if i could lower the front 2-3'' i could get better transfer. I like the trz setup but don't have the cash right now:)