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  1. 63' v8 distributor cap & firewall

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I swapped in a v8 into my 1963. I did not mod the firewall to allow wiggle room for the distributor cap, so it is a tight fit. I am looking for any tips for creating room for the cap. I would like to not beat the firewall. I am open to pulling the cap, cutting the wall, and welding back in a...
  2. No spark!!! Help

    Drove car to north of detroit from tennessee drove around a little drove out to pontiac get painted drove back from there now wont start. Have gas no spark. Changed to msd cap rotor coil and module still no spark. The distributor looks new very shiny so think it should all be fine. Been...
  3. Sheared off msd distributor gear

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Sbc 327 . On my way home from the track from drag racing. About 5 miles from the house KABANG! Car dies. Tow it home, rotor is not turning. Pulled distributor and the gear is sneered off. I'm running a hydraulic flat tappet summit k1108 cam with 1.6 roller rockers. I did get the car really hot...
  4. HEI distributor

    Hey folks. I have a 1971 Nova 350 that came with an HEI distributor when I bought the car. It seems now the distributor cap is touching the firewall and it looks like this distributor is too big. The back of the cap is rubbing on the firewall. Has anyone run into this problem? Should I...
  5. Canadian Parts Distributor

    Canadian Owners
    I just bought a 72 nova and its gonna need some work. I live in southern Ontario and was wondering if anyone knew of any canadian parts distributors I could get parts from (floor pans, rear quarter, cowl hood, some interior parts, etc....) I would like to stay local (canadian) and support our...
  6. Firewall massaging for HEI distributor

    Body and Interior
    I am going to put a 327 with a HEI distributor into a 71 nova, I have been told I have to massage the firewall back 1/2 in to an inch, I have body hammers, dollys, and a porta power for the job, what I don’t know is where to massage it, some say the crease above the tranny housing others say the...
  7. Distributor problem?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 383 roller motor that just quit on me and the cause was a surprise. The motor can't have 10k miles on it. I really didn't expect the distributor gear to be shot this soon. I have a GM HEI distributor with a bronze gear. It mates to a Comp hydraulic roller cam through an Edelbrock...
  8. MSD Distributor corrosion problem.

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I remember reading about people having trouble with the advance weights, pickups and rotors in MSD distributors being badly corroded in fairly new distributors. It seems like someone complained and they replaced the bad parts or the distributor for free. I pulled mine out yesterday and it...