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  1. '63 vs. '64 coupe dash - any differences?

    Body and Interior
    Hello All, I am looking to purchase a dash cover for my '63 SS coupe as the sun glares badly off of the top of the dash, which is painted silver. To clarify, I am researching dash covers compared to dash pads, based on the cost ($40 vs. $200). I see that Classic Industries sells dash covers...
  2. Dashpad "Nova" and "Acadian" badges

    Body and Interior
    does anyone know how to take off those badges on a dashpad? i got a 69 acadian with a cracked up dashpad and a 69 nova dashpad with minimal cracks. so i just want to put the acadian badge on the nova dashpad without ripping it up.
  3. Dash Repair

    Body and Interior
    Anybody know of a product to repair a small hole in the dashpad covering ? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. ideas for dash

    Body and Interior
    Hey everyone, Due to the fact I am having a problem finding a replacement dash for my 78 nova I am going to have a custom dash made. Going to put in all new gauges also. My friend can work magic with metal so he came up with the idea, so it's up to me how I want it. We are going to use the...