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  1. '77 4 door dashboard / AC

    Body and Interior
    I'd like to add air conditioning to a '77 4 door and think I found what is needed at Problem now is finding a dashboard with the A/C vents. Any ideas?
  2. interior parts inc dash pads

    Body and Interior
    has anyone purchased a dash from this company? i would like to know if it's better or worse than an OER dash pad. 1972 nova
  3. '63 vs. '64 coupe dash - any differences?

    Body and Interior
    Hello All, I am looking to purchase a dash cover for my '63 SS coupe as the sun glares badly off of the top of the dash, which is painted silver. To clarify, I am researching dash covers compared to dash pads, based on the cost ($40 vs. $200). I see that Classic Industries sells dash covers...
  4. Paint Questions Dash/Door Jambs

    Body and Interior
    Getting ready to paint my Dash/Interior/Door Jambs on my 63. I've taken the jambs down to mostly bare metal and the dash is just sanded down and smoothed. My plan is to seal everything with DP 90LF then cover that with primer followed by sanding and finally spraying color and clear. I've got...
  5. Toggle switchin

    I have a push button start, but I still need to turn my ignition switch on( no key needed) to power on the fuel pump,fan and so on. I want to put my ignition on a toggle switch instead. I don't want to remove the key switch. I just want to cut the wires and hook it up to the toggle. Does any one...
  6. 1968 Nova Dash

    Body and Interior
    Does anyone know where I can get assembly instructions for the instrument panel?
  7. 65 Wiper switch retaining nut and knob

    Body and Interior
    I cant seem to find anyone selling reproduction or even used retaining nuts for the windshield washer switch. As well as if anyone could point me in the direction of a reproduction wiper knob with washer that would be much appreciated , I have a 65 4dr 400 if that matters.
  8. Dash, interior panels, and bezel colors???

    I have a 73 custom and im going to be painting the dash and all the interior panels so I need to know what finish to use? I also need to know what color the stripe around the dash bezel is? The dash is black as well as the interior. I already painted the door panels and I used a satin finish...
  9. Fuel gauge help

    4th Generation Nova's
    I bought my 78 nova a few months ago and now I'm tearing into it. My friend is going to make me a custom dash and I'm going to replace the gauges. I found this complete Auto meter set on summit. The problem is that the fuel gauge says that it is electric. If I understand right, the fuel gauge in...
  10. ideas for dash

    Body and Interior
    Hey everyone, Due to the fact I am having a problem finding a replacement dash for my 78 nova I am going to have a custom dash made. Going to put in all new gauges also. My friend can work magic with metal so he came up with the idea, so it's up to me how I want it. We are going to use the...
  11. Seat belts and dash

    Body and Interior
    Does anyone know if the F body Camaro front seat belts that mount in the headliner will fit a 78 nova? They look very similar and want to know before I purchase them. To have the ones I got re webbed will cost a few hundred dollars. Also, do they make dash caps for this year nova and where I can...
  12. Dash Insert Questions/Confusion

    Body and Interior
    Hey guys I have a few questions about the various dash inserts available for my 69 Nova. I dont know exactly which one I will get when I order it. I have seen multiple designs called the "covans" dash, but they all look different. Here's what I'm talking about: Classic Dash (vertical accessory...
  13. '69 Indicator (gauge) lights

    '69 CHEVY NOVA So on my instrument panel, something weird is going on. I've done a lot of work over the years to the instrument panel. Fixed the gas gauge, installed a tach, rewired the circuit board. My instrument panel indicator lights (GEN, TEMP, BRAKE, OIL) lights are not working. I...
  14. 66-67 Dash Removal

    Body and Interior
    Hey guys new member here, I have a question and I searched some of the other threads here but I didnt find any that had a complete explantion on removal of the dash out of a 62-67 Nova. the most of what I found on here describes the windshield has to be removed and most of the rest is just...
  15. 1971 istrument panel removal

    Body and Interior
    i need to pull my instruments out, but haven't been able to find a how-to article anywhere. ive tried here, google, youtube, you name it. and none of the local parts stores have a haynes. im sure i could figure it out if i sat upside down/under the dash for awhile, just thought i would try to...
  16. 65 Dash Pad

    Body and Interior
    Ive been looking around and I cant seem to find a place that sells a dash pad for a 65. Does anybody know of any places that do? Also, does the dash pad for earlier novas such as 62-64 novas fit on the 65? or are they different?
  17. Dash lights wont work? ?

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    hey everyone, i had bought a 1974 nova in feb of 2010 for a nice project car. i have recently finished it and the only problem i have is that the dash lights wont turn on? i looked at all the bulbs, made sure the dimmer wasnt all the way down and checked the fuse. the only thing that does light...
  18. How difficult is wiring or rewiring the dash?

    I have a 73 Nova...and nothing in the dash works or is hooked up. How hard is it to rewire? I've done alot of stereo system players...but never messed with this kind of stuff... Any tips, tricks, encouragement? Should I tackle it or take it to the shop? Thanks in...
  19. Lookin 4 Complete Dash Compnents

    Lokkin 4 complete dash components for my 73 nova hatchback custom mine was falling apart an rust out close to the windshield i can find the gauges, the glove box the radio an the air conditioner components but can find the other dash components. is ther another year model i can borrow from caus...
  20. '74 dash removal and leaky kick pannel

    Body and Interior
    I almost am too embarrassed to ask, but how do you get the dash apart in a 74. I have all the screws out of the bezel and it is loose. I can't seem to get it past the steering column, and all the wires/speedo cable hang up. I've got to be missing the obvious. Is there someway to detach the...