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  1. Exhausts and Headers
    Hey guys I’m wondering if anyone has installed exhaust cutouts on a inline 250. I’ve always thought that electric cutouts were sooo cool, and their not very expensive if I installed them myself. But I have never heard them on a 6 so if anyone has done this I would love to hear what it sounds...
  2. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Anyone ever heard of them? They look pretty sweet and its the only exhaust cutout i have yet too see that actually closes the muffler side to go 100% straight pipe. A little on the expensive side but they look well worth it.
  3. Body and Interior
    Hey guys this is my first thread:), I just recently aquired this Nova, it used to be a drag car. The guys before me cut out the 1/4 panels on both sides so there is a nasty gap between the outer sheetmetal and the inner wheel well. How can I close this off and seal it up?? I do own a mig welder...
1-3 of 3 Results