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  1. Cooling and Heating
    Im looking to put a new fan blade on my 62 with a 194 in it. Having it run cooler would be great. A few people said I should upgrade to a 6 blade fan from the original 4 blade fan to draw in more air. I found one at Classic Industries that looks like it will bolt right up. Anyone have any...
  2. Cooling and Heating
    Hello group, I am putting my front end together and i am ready to buy a radiator. Entropy seems to be a good option but pricey. I also heard their fans were way noisy as well. Be cool, Griffin, and a couple of Ebay no brands are up for consideration. Has anyone done a good comparison on fit...
  3. Cooling and Heating
    Hey guys, pretty new to this site but not new to Chevys by a long shot. I have a 1968 Nova, putting it back to semi original condition. When I got the car, it had no engine or trans. It has the correct frame GM stands for a big block, GM engine mounts, side mount radiator. Problem is when I...
  4. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey guys. Where can I find a fan shroud for a 1974 Chevy Nova with a 350 (23" core)? I cannot find any online. Thanks
  5. Electrical
    Hey all I have a large/loud traditional fan and cover/shroud but I'm getting hot readings on water temp and trany temp, I'm swapping out there radiator from a 1" to a 2" alum and I know that will help alot...I should get 5x on motor and 3x on trany from that alone but I'm curious if I should...
  6. 4th Generation Nova's
    I have a 78 non A/C nova and would like to put air conditioning in at some point. I have looked at a lot of threads on this site, and a bit on youtube. I have seen that Vintage air has a complete kit, but does not have for this year. I have not found a kit for this year. I would be happy to just...
  7. Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm using the old school clutch fan for cooling, want to switch to electric. Any idea the CFM my 7-blade clutch fan puts out?
  8. Member Introductions
    hey guys, I made my first post a couple months ago. Haven't been able to check out the site much since then (Had a baby boy!). I know its long, please bear with me So heres what I have: a 1963 Chevy II 400 coupe, I purchased it last year. It seems fairly intact, although I suspect it's been...
1-9 of 11 Results