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  1. Southern California Convertible

    Southern California Convertible

    Taken at the archway entrance of the house in which I grew up. Great car to have in Southern California.
  2. 63 Convertible Cover Plates ??

    Body and Interior
    CRS has got me. I disassembled my 63 convertible about 15 years ago. Now I'm finding pieces that I can't ID. Can anyone tell me what these are for (see photo attachment) ?
  3. New member in Minnesota '63 Convert

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I have a 1963 convertible (not an SS) that was a WI car - during it's normal life - and a MN car as a collector. It is REALLY rusted out, if anyone has information on how to fix the sagging unibody, I'm all ears! Years ago, someone welded steel tubing in the...
  4. New Member

    Member Introductions
    Greetings Nova Core, They call me Bandit Billy and I am from the HAMB. I come in peace to observe your world, seek out new ideas and new associations. I bring with me decades of car building knowledge, a smart ass and a 62 Nova Convertible that I'm not sure how I obtained or why. My mission...
  5. Convertible Top Questions....

    Body and Interior
    so my top is still in good shape. but the pads underneath that run along the doors on the top...i guess they're a pad of some sort is sorta falling apart. is this something i can just have replaced without redoing the whole top? next....the back window a couple of inches down following along...
  6. Convertible Pillar Seal

    Body and Interior
    What sealant/adhesive is used to install the convertible pillar and top edge molding. I disassembled my 63 convertible years ago, and I'm ready to put her together. Should I use Dum-Dum ? Or what ?
  7. Frame Repair...rusted out behind front wheel...

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    got a 63 vert.....asking around as much as i can about it to learn what i can and do what i can to it myself. this one is def beyond me. after i got the car i was told to check behind the front wheels were the frame starts...that the convertibles usually rust out there. finally got the car...
  8. 1963 Chevy Nova SS convertible

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 1963 nova all stock with a 6 straight and power glide trany i was wondering if i wanted to switch it to a 3 speed automatic and was wondering what was a good three speed to but it in there ?!
  9. I'm almost ready for my 67

    Member Introductions
    My name is Curt. I live in Galloway Ohio. I am moving soon to Hilliard Ohio where I have more land and can add a nice Garage for a 67 Nova SS project. I bought a 67 2 years ago that was completely gone. After 4 back surgeries, I realized I can't physically handle a complete frame off...
  10. 1963 Nova SS convertible

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Picked this car up a while ago and still trying to obtain a clear NJ title!! Car is a basket case but I couldnt let it go to the crusher! Needs complete floor, quarters fenders doors, etc. Plans are to insert a 350/350 with rallys. original silver blue with white top. I've been picking up parts...
  11. Newbie from Canada 1963 Nova SS convertible

    Member Introductions
    Hi fellow junkies, Looking forward to finishing my baby. Its been too many years since I started. This site is really getting me motivated again. Great to follow the forums and great rides. My ride will be totally redone from top to bottom. I am now working on the wiring and interior. Slow...
  12. molding removal

    Body and Interior
    How easy/hard is it to remove the molding that goes around the rear window on my 63 convertible? Any special tools needed? Thanks,
  13. My 63 SS wannabe

    Show and Shine
    I bought this back in 1968 and was the second owner. Originally an East coast car, I've been in New Mexico since the mid-seventies. Lots of work completed. Lots to go. Thanks for looking.[email protected]/sets/72157608169889744/