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  1. Electrical
    My son and I are just about ready to start putting our 1970 back together. We will be installing new American Autowire under dash harness. Along with that, we will be installing a "Retro Classic" stereo. I would like to avoid hacking up the new under-dash harness. Is there somewhere I can...
  2. Electrical
    Hello everybody. I study the diagrams electrical for my Chevy Nova 73, and have a questions about the "printed circuit connector". 1. What is This..? 2. Where is this..? 3. How used for do a new system electrical...? Thanks from Venezuela..! excuse for my poor English!
  3. Electrical
    hey guys, i was recenty putting the dash back in my 74 and i have this loose connector here, and i never remember it or taking it out? help please, any ideas? even if your not sure, ill take it
1-3 of 3 Results