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  1. Max from Chile

    Member Introductions
    Hi folks! Im Max from Santiago de Chile, south america, and i recently got a 78 nova 350 coupe concours 4spd, that 20 years ago, was a car from the shop of my friend where i learn mechanics and started to love this american cars, i saw the car for sale and when i see the registration i realize...
  2. 15x7 15x8

    Show and Shine
    Im trying to order a new set of wheels and tires for my 1976 Chevy Nova Concours 4 door but I don’t know if the wheels and tires will fit . Can I run 15x8 wheels with 4.5” bs in the rear and 15x7 With 4” bs in the front? (Both wheels have 0 offset) Rear tires would be 255/60/15 and front...
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself. I bought a 1977 Nova Concours about a year ago. It's been my daily driver, and I think it will be for years to come. It originally had a 305, but the guy that had it before me put a 350 in it. I'm excited to learn more about my car...
  4. 76 Concours 2 dr red interior

    Body and Interior
    No one seems to make the skins for the concours?! Does anyone have any ideas on how to find skins for this car? I checked the usual suspects but none for the concours (front bench with armrest). I am considering changing the front seats to buckets (whatever fits, maybe camaro even) to solve...
  5. My new 76 concours

    4th Generation Nova's
    I just bought my 1976 Concours Hatchback about two weeks ago. Its a great car, with the small straight 6 engine. Not that much power, but still a great daily driver. when I bought the car it said 91,100 miles, but the odometer doesn't hit the 100's, so its a mystery. I was hoping for some input...
  6. the no name nova

    4th Generation Nova's
    that's the name for the car right now anyways. this will be my build thread, i don't know if that's the right title though since i lack the ability to build a car from the ground up. i AM working a damn small budget though, so maybe this will be helpful for people who also don't have a lot of...