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  1. Body and Interior
    My apologies in advance, I am sure there is a thread on this, however I could not locate it. Can some one tell me how to remove the chrome that is at the top of the door on a 66 hard top. I removed a screw on the deteriorated door fuzzy and was able to remove that. now I cant figure it out...
  2. Body and Interior
    Hi, I have 1963 Nova SS. I have all of the chrome trim, but some of it is a little beat up. I live on the west coast. Does anyone have any suggestions on who does this type of work out here. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. 4th Generation Nova's
    Open for suggestions for chrome alternator to dress up the engine bay of my 75 Nova. The stock alt appears to be a two wire version, I'm thinking 63 volt but an upgrade wouldn't hurt! Pictures would be great! Thanks.
  4. 4th Generation Nova's
    Looking for some assistance. I have a 77 base 2 door that i've started a partial restore. I'm not going to go deep into a resto cause the value isn't there yet. maybe it will be but for now its a toy and actually a daily driver. I am trying to find a good place for repro bumpers.. my bumpers...