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  1. Max from Chile

    Member Introductions
    Hi folks! Im Max from Santiago de Chile, south america, and i recently got a 78 nova 350 coupe concours 4spd, that 20 years ago, was a car from the shop of my friend where i learn mechanics and started to love this american cars, i saw the car for sale and when i see the registration i realize...
  2. Me and my car, 1972 Nova

    Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Cristián, but my nick at avery car places is CCS, im married and have 2 childs, a girl (18) and a boy (8 years old). Im new here, i from Santiago, Chile at South America. I bought my car at may, 2008. My car is a Chevrolet Nova, 1972, 4 door sedan. OEM Specs Stock 307 sbc, with...
  3. A Perspective of the Acadian in Another Country

    Canadian Owners
    Hello folks, I came across the following perspective of the Acadian brand in Chile, South America. This article was translated into the English language by its author, and I think that it was a high fidelity translation. :)...