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  1. Ignition timing and points dwell

    Hi, I have 62 Nova with a inline 6 cyl. 192c.i. does anyone no the ignition timing and points dwell thanks rich
  2. 1963 chevy nova GOT A LONG WAY!!!!!!!!!

    Car Profiles
    i bought this car about 2 months ago im 17 so im still in high school and i have baseball right now so i dont have much time to work on it but im going to get alot done this summer. i dont have much money right now also so that could be a problem. but i bought it on ebay for 850 dollars and i...
  3. 74 Nova Aftermarket Subframe

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Was just curious why all of the aftermarket subframe/front-clip (Chris Alston, Smith Racecraft, Heidt's, TCI, etc) producers list them as 68'-72' only. Are there major differences in how they're built, or are they just not 'bolt-in'? I'm considering buying a 74 Nova and would like to know before...
  4. Kincardine Cruise Night 2008!!!!! 56k WARNING

    Show and Shine
    here they are, OverWhelming turnout 265Cars/trucks/jeeps/ratrods/model A's you name it we got it. l had pictures of almost every one but my camera dumped a bunch>?!!? what a C**T but here they are in there beauty sorry some photos were fussy humidity came went playd havic on my camera...
  5. elblako91's 1974 Nova

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    O and im only 17 and shes my daily driver so yes, the youth of these days is interested in these cars too! :P