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  1. 65 Chevy II chrome trunk plate

    1962-67 Chevy II parts
    Super condition trunk plate. Does have pitting but nothing rusted through. CHEVROLET is completely intact. Red and blue chevy logo is completely intact. Could easily be redipped if that is something you want to do. All mounting pins are complete. No loose parts. $500. Located in Bloomington Indiana.
  2. 15x7 15x8

    Show and Shine
    Im trying to order a new set of wheels and tires for my 1976 Chevy Nova Concours 4 door but I don’t know if the wheels and tires will fit . Can I run 15x8 wheels with 4.5” bs in the rear and 15x7 With 4” bs in the front? (Both wheels have 0 offset) Rear tires would be 255/60/15 and front...
  3. 1968-1972 vs 1973-1974

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hello guys. When I was shopping for parts for my 1974 Nova, I saw a lot of parts that would only fit 1968-1972 Nova (and not 1968-1974). What happened in 1973-1974? What are the main differences between 1968-1972 and 1973-1974 Novas? Thanks
  4. Chevy Nova II Power Steering Conversion

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hello new to the board and my 1st post! I have a 1968 Nova that im having worked on. Im having the steering converted to a power rack but the shop that im having the work done with is telling me the angle of the new rack is wrong, im starting to have my doubts about this shop but would i need...
  5. Newbie from southeast georgia

    Member Introductions
    I am trying to trace back the roots of my nova. Take a look at my picture and see if you know who built or knows anything about it.
  6. 1971 chevy nova seat rails

    Body and Interior
    Hello i have a 1971 chevy nova rs. The problem is it currently has bucket seats that are in a fixed location so they can't be moved. So I want to buy the seat rails/sliders for it but i cant find them online for less than $120 each. So does anybody know where i can get these for cheap? like a...
  7. How is it going?

    Member Introductions
    Hi my name is German and I'm from Costa Rica :D, but everybody call me Ganito. I have loved classic muscle cars since kid. In my country is pretty hard to find muscle cars because the market is pretty much taken by japanesse and korean stuff. However I put my hands on this 1969 4 doors Nova. It...
  8. New carb issue! Please help

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 79 Nova Custom .305. I took off the stock intake and carb and replaced it with an edelbrock aluminum intake and Holley 650 cdm carb. It ran for about half an hour after I got it all back together. I spun it around the block and it felt and sounded great. Later that day it started...
  9. Classic Chevy Show

    Show and Shine
    Thank you to all the Nova site members that attended our Nova & Chevelle show last year. We are hosting another Classic Chevy Car Show at California Car Cover on Saturday, October 12th. This year's show is open to all 1930s-70s Chevy automobiles. We want to make the event bigger than last year...
  10. Yenko Marilyn -1972 Nova 4 Door From Argentina

    Car Profiles
    Yenko Marilyn - Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in) Year: 1972 Model: Nova Engine: 6L Body/Exterior: 4 Door Front End: Transmission: Manual, Saginaw 3 speed Rear End: Exhaust: Std Wheels/Tires: 195/70/14 Interior: Black Electrical: Original Accessories/Options...
  11. New build 500+hp 500+tq 383 4 speed combos

    Drag Racing Forum
    Finally got around to buying a bare chevy 350 and taking out the old 383 that has a cracked starter ear mount. Im looking to make a 500+hp car, 500+tq on a 4 speed auto. This is going to be a street/strip. Read bunch of posts here, sounds like everyone has opinions on afr's dyno website. I'm...
  12. 1973 Nova horse power?

    South Eastern US
    Hi all, i have a question, me and my friend have been debating about how much horse power my 1973 Nova 350 small block has. Its the stock 350, with a 4 bbl. edelbrock carb. my friend says its producing at least 325-350 bhp, i say its alot less, more like under 225. Anybody have a more accurate...
  13. All Original 1969 Nova Hit in Drive Through Gets Repaired!

    Route 66 Motorsports
    What happens at Wendy's? This customer was hit by an employee in the drive-through!! This all original 1969 Chevy Nova will be getting repaired by Route 66 Motorsports. Watch as we transform this wrecked classic back into a perfect muscle car! If you've been in an accident with your classic...
  14. New Site - 10% OFF EVERYTHING

    Route 66 Motorsports
    We want to thank Steve's Nova Site's members with an exclusive discount just for you! Route 66 Muscle Car Parts has a brand new site, new parts, but the same great prices and as a thank you for your support we want to give you the best deals possible and discounted shipping rates! Please call to...
  15. Project 70 nova

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
  16. Greetings or how we say down here...Hey Ya'll

    Member Introductions
    Hey ya'll, My name is Clif, and I am from Lexington, SC. I am proud to say I am posting here as a owner again, versus an former owner. 25 Years ago I had a 1977 Chevy Nova with an inline 6. It was my first love, it was my dream come true. I lost her after less than a year because of...
  17. 4th Generation 78 Nova front bucket and rear seats compatibles?

    Body and Interior
    Wondering if anyone knew if any other year or chevrolet models got compatible 78 Nova bucket seats and rear seat for a 2 door.:confused: Thanks
  18. camshaft help

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm looking for a trw 30 30 cam or something similar, the part number for the cam is something like tp151 or tp131 its old school so its very hard to find so I would like a cam very similar to the trw 30 30 please share your opinions of what the best cam similar to the trw in performance and sound
  19. Danish member

    Member Introductions
    Hi guys, 39 year old computerenthusiac with an uncontrollable urge for older american cars. In the summers i drive a white Chevy Nova 383 stroker beast. Was originally setup for quarter mile and have given my countless headaches until recently where i found a great mechanic that finally sorted...
  20. onebad63 - 63 Nova SS

    Car Profiles
    onebad63 - 1963 Nova Super Sport Model: Almost all original SS Engine: 1988 305 Body/Exterior: Charcoal 3stg pearl/Black & Charcoal Front End: Rebuilt Stock Transmission: Hopped up Powerglide Rear End: Stock 10 bolt (4 lug) Exhaust: 2.5" 40 Series with Rams Horn Manifolds...