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  1. Electrical
    - 1973 2-door Nova - battery in the trunk with new 0/2 gauge wires - ford starter solenoid - 110a or 120a 3-wire alternator With the engine running my battery is getting 10-11volts. The alternator is producing 14v. The wiring is old so I’m thinking that's the problem. Is there any problem with...
  2. Electrical
    Hi all, I have a '70 with an '85 350ci. The alternator is brand new and was working well until I wrapped my wiring harness in split loom tubing. I noticed that I was running 12v on my voltage gauge. I kept an eye on it but it finally gave up on me. I did some continuity testing and found that...
  3. Electrical
    Good day electrical smart guys About a week after picking up my nova I noticed that the battery was dead, charged it up, worked for a couple of days and dead again. Did the following tests to determine what was going on.(not sure if these are best methods to verify what works) Checked for a...
1-3 of 3 Results