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  1. San Diego Nova Owners

    South Western US
    I recently acquired a '64 Nova and would like to meet some fellow owners in the San Diego area. I've seen a few other Novas around town, but they seem to be more scarce on these forums when compared to NorCal or other areas. Of late, I've spotted a white :) 4 door in Mission Beach, a green :D 4...
  2. California Emissions,1976 Nova

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hello again, I have a 1976 Nova that is a 49-state car, its currently registered in colorado and still posses all of the emissions controls on it except for the Cat. My question is whether or not i actually need said cat in California if the car is a 76, 49-state car and the emissions sticker...
  3. Novas must live on

    Member Introductions
    How's it going everyone! I am in the process (ten year slow process actually) of building a 65 SS. The car sits as shown in the picture attached and is going to be getting final hammering and paint over the next few months at my buddies shop, JG design & Fab, Ventura Ca. My shop Gunmetal...
  4. Parts Dealers in Southern California?

    South Western US
    Hey, Fellas. New to the group, here; and still learning to navigate my way through this expansive web site (which is why a similar post is in the electrical section). Please bear w'me. :D Just picked up my classic in August 2010, and am researching its history in addition to figuring out...
  5. Parts Dealers In California?

    Hey, Fellas. New to the group, here. Just picked up a classic in August 2010, and am researching its history in addition to figuring out exactly what I want to do to/for it in the long run. And I'm hoping you experts & enthusiasts can help me along by sharing your insight & wisdom. :D Mine...
  6. Important!! Legislation (S.B. 1549) California State Senate

    South Western US
    admin please relocate this post if it should be elsewhere Old Car Emissions Exemption Threatened in 8 California Counties; Hearing Scheduled for April 1 Legislation (S.B. 1549) has been introduced in the California State Senate by Senator Dean...