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  1. 1968-74 Nova parts
    Hello, I have a 73 nova custom that was originally equipped with a multipiece lap and shoulder belt system that were black in color. During my cars time with another owner those belts were sadly lost, looking for replacements.
  2. Body and Interior
    No Chrome 1st & 2nd Gen Novas I saw a thread like this in the 1st & 2nd gen area but it only got one response. So i thought i would move it here in hopes of more responses!? Lets see some pictures of all blacked (or greyed?) out 1st & 2nd gen novas. I have seen this style more on the later...
  3. Member Introductions
    Just getting started on a 77 nova. don't have the Big **** for the Rust to show room finish so it's low budget post apocalyptic (Mad Max/Cherry 2000) Anyway I think it will be fun. See My Garage. Thanks. This is a great Site! :yes:
  4. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    First off, thanks for looking at my thread. I got this car for 1700 bucks and towed it back 2 hours to where i live. It is somewhat a tribute to my older bro who is no longer with us. RIP I used smaller pictures so it would load faster. :) This is what i started with. Here it is at...
  5. 4th Generation Nova's
    My first ride take a look very nIce a lot of work :)
  6. Car Profiles
    Dashingdarby - 1972, rally Nova Year: 1972 Model: Nova Engine: 250 6 cycle Body/Exterior: Targa Blue/Black Rally Stripes Transmission: 2 speed powerglide Wheels/Tires: 72 rally's Interior: Dark (navy) blue Accessories/Options: Power steering, Power Disk break, full chrome package...
  7. 4th Generation Nova's
    I have been working on the Nova for a couple of months. Bought her in july 2008. Here are a couple of pics how i bought her: First burnout :) It has a nice 350V8 and TH350 transmission. She didnt get much attention from the previous owner, i've...
1-7 of 8 Results