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  1. Body and Interior
    I can't seem to find a replacement bezel or lens for my hatchback trunk light that's mounted on the driver side rear interior panel in the trunk area. All the ones I come across are just the dome lights for the roof. :confused::confused: Any help is appreciated! Here's a few pictures:
  2. Body and Interior
    I have asked here before, I was wondering if there was something mis-aligned - Fender; hood; headlamp bracket, etc. and the consensus among the readers that the bezel was bent. So I bought a new bezel. The one that was thought to be bent was from the 1990s from NNN and that was the one in...
  3. Originality
    I have a 73 custom and im going to be painting the dash and all the interior panels so I need to know what finish to use? I also need to know what color the stripe around the dash bezel is? The dash is black as well as the interior. I already painted the door panels and I used a satin finish...