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  1. LS wth 5 speed and a bench

    Drivetrain & Performance
    As I keep moving forward my hotrod mentor is trying to convince me I will be much happier if I put a 5 speed in instead of a muncie. It has already been difficult amassing most of the parts to this point but he thinks its worth the extra trouble. I definately plan on keeping the bench seat but...
  2. mystery seat

    Body and Interior
    So when I bought my nova it came with the bench seat shone below as well as a pair of semi-matching bucket seats of the same color. The bucket seats had electronic controls on them so I think they must be newish (90's maybe) Just wondering if anyone has ever seen these seats before or else...
  3. Replacement Cover for Bench Seat 1972 Nova

    Body and Interior
    I am trying to locate a replacement cover for my front bench seat. It's a light tan color but the part you actually sit on and your back rests on is like a tweed fabric. It's not all vinyl or whatever they make them out of. I do not currently have a pic of the interior however i can get one...
  4. Bench seat restoration questions

    Body and Interior
    Thanks in advance. Just finished taking apart and stripping the seat frame, Now I just need the foam with the correct thickness. Where can I purchase stock automotive foam? any where that you guys recommend? Also, is the burlap that was attached to the frame necessary? PS: I saw foam from...