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  1. 77 Nova Concours V8: Gen light and stall

    4th Generation Nova's
    Hello. I just got my first Nova and fixer-upper yesterday. I have SOME mechanical knowledge from high school, but am having an issue. So last night I drove the car home and it stalled once when pulling away from a stop sign. Then I go to drive it today and it starts just find, but if I don't...
  2. 63 i6/194 Vintage Air? Pulleys/belts?

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Has anyone put an aftermarket A/C unit in a straight 6? i'd like to know how you mount the compressor, run the belts, and if you put the vents in the dash or used the kit that mounts below the dash. all i have is one belt for the alt. and i haven't found any info for the pulley set up...