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  1. Alternator is still draining my battery

    Hi everyone So I’ve had a parasitic draw for awhile, a month ago I found that when I unplug the internal voltage regulator in the alternator the draw goes away so first I bought a new voltage regulator and it didn’t fix the issue I then exchanged it for another regulator just to make sure it...
  2. Alternator charge wire fuse question

    - 1973 2-door Nova - battery in the trunk with new 0/2 gauge wires - ford starter solenoid - 110a or 120a 3-wire alternator With the engine running my battery is getting 10-11volts. The alternator is producing 14v. The wiring is old so I’m thinking that's the problem. Is there any problem with...
  3. Charging – Battery – Alternator issues

    Good day electrical smart guys About a week after picking up my nova I noticed that the battery was dead, charged it up, worked for a couple of days and dead again. Did the following tests to determine what was going on.(not sure if these are best methods to verify what works) Checked for a...
  4. Battery location Heidts clip

    I have a 65 Nova with a Heidts front clip and was wondering if anybody has fabbed anything to keep the battery in the front? If so, can you please post pics? Thanks
  5. Ignition totally dead after jump start

    Ok, i am in the home stretch of getting my 70 nova completed. The car was running fine for initial startup and break in, never an issue from day one (msd 6btm and stock harness). The battery was weak (tried to start it, it turned over very weakly - not nearly enough to start it) so brought my...
  6. Trying to Diagnose a No-Start: voltage drops when cranking

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Trying to Solve a Mystery No-Start: Nothing Seems to Work! Hi All, I'm trying to figure out why my 1971 Nova won't start. It turns over but doesn't start. Here's where I'm at: 1. Battery: shows 13V sitting there. Checked terminals and there's no corrosion and they're securely fastened. 2...
  7. 2nd batteries for the stereo system

    So the '68 Nova I bought has a very nice sounding (loud) MXT stereo system already installed, I was wondering would putting in a second battery be a good idea? The few times I drove my car I let the stereo play for a little bit while the car was off and go firgue I had a tough time getting the...