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  1. head light parts for 62-65

    I"m looking for the bracket that holds the headlights to the buckets and contains the adjuster screws. Does anybody know of a company selling these?
  2. Will a clutch/brake pedal assebly from a 68 camaro fit my 72 nova?

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    My autoshop teacher gave me a clutch/pedal assembly from his 68 Camaro, will it fit in my 72 nova? Does anyone know? Currently its an automatic but im changing it to a four speeed. Thanks guys!!
  3. '72 Front Bumper and Grill Assembly

    Body and Interior
    Does anyone have a diagram or link to a page that shows all connections needed for the bumper/grill/grill filler/brackets. I took mine apart to replace the radiator support, bumper, and grill on my '72, and I want to do it right, without having a bag of bolts left after I finish. Taking it apart...