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  1. 195cc or 210cc intake runners

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Putting togethor a 406 4 bolt main small block. Wiseco flottop 10:1 pistons 30 over. Eagle steel h beam rods 6 inches long. Callies compstar magnum 3.750 stroke. Clevite h series bearings i havent picked a cam yet but it will be a solid roller. i want a street and strip car probly see the strip...
  2. New sponsor to our 63 Nova SS - AFR

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Well today I am happy to announce a new Sponsor to our 63 Nova SS. AFR - Air Flow Research​ has jumped on board providing a set of their 195 cc Eliminator heads. With the help of AFR our TCI Engineering​ test car has one stout power plant. Clay at TPIS​ put together a fully forged 383 stroker...
  3. New build 500+hp 500+tq 383 4 speed combos

    Drag Racing Forum
    Finally got around to buying a bare chevy 350 and taking out the old 383 that has a cracked starter ear mount. Im looking to make a 500+hp car, 500+tq on a 4 speed auto. This is going to be a street/strip. Read bunch of posts here, sounds like everyone has opinions on afr's dyno website. I'm...