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  1. 1963 Acadian Beaumont Convertible

    Member Introductions
    New member from Campbell River (Vancouver Island) Now own a 1963 Acadian Beaumont convertible. Basket case. 30K investment would make it worth 25-30K, but love it. Cool car. Too old to be much computer proficient. Predate this car by 11 years. Once I learn to navigate this site, I need to learn...
  2. 1962 Acadian

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey guys, just wanted to first say hi and looking forward to you vast amount of knowledge.. I just bought a 1962 Acadian Invader and i am redoing it from ground up , i was wondering if anyone has a picture of the back end of the car with out a bumper on it .. the floor is rotten along the back...
  3. 69 acadian w/350zz4, looking to install T-56 6 speed

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi, so i have a crate 350 and im looking to install a T-56 6 speed this summer. i would like to do a hydraulic clutch. i know i will have to get a custom crossmember and i know where i can get it already. so all i am wondering is if theres anyone else out there thats done the same kind of...
  4. Dashpad "Nova" and "Acadian" badges

    Body and Interior
    does anyone know how to take off those badges on a dashpad? i got a 69 acadian with a cracked up dashpad and a 69 nova dashpad with minimal cracks. so i just want to put the acadian badge on the nova dashpad without ripping it up.
  5. A Perspective of the Acadian in Another Country

    Canadian Owners
    Hello folks, I came across the following perspective of the Acadian brand in Chile, South America. This article was translated into the English language by its author, and I think that it was a high fidelity translation. :)...
  6. Will someone save this Beaumont???

    Canadian Owners
    Hey guys, I found this in cl. Given the images:yes:, it is hard to believe the words in the add:no:...:o:D GerryLP:cool:
  7. Would GM or GM of Canada know which vin# was last produced?

    Canadian Owners
    Hey guys, I had a pretty cool Friday. Today was my employer's Sports Day/Picnic, and they had asked me to coordinate a car-show for the members and their families and guests. Due to short notice, we only got a bout 12 folks who signed-up for the car-show, and what better way to get paid a day's...
  8. wesmigletz - 1966 2 Door Coupe

    Car Profiles
    wesmigletz - 1966 2 door coupe Pictures Year: 1966 Model: 2 Door Coupe Engine: 230 Body/Exterior: White/Blue Front End: Stock Transmission: 700R4 Rear End: 8.2", w/3.08 gears Exhaust: Single, and whisper quiet Wheels/Tires: 13", with Nova hub caps Interior: Stock Bench...
  9. The Plot Thickens...maybe?

    Canadian Owners
    Ok folks, A can of worms was recently opened at my first home, and we weren't going fishing.:no: Now, just as I love my fellow Nova-owning fellowship here at, I also love my fellow Corvette-owning membership at If there is a more similar pair of...