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  1. 75 nova project

    Car Profiles
    This is my roller 75 nova project I picked up for a few hundred dollars. Cali car originally I live in AZ the plan is to make something fun. I just started the tear down so I’m far from done 5.3 lm7 junkyard, BTR stage 4 truck cam v2, Beehive valve springs, port and polished 706 heads, Holley...
  2. What do i do next?!!!Ls swap 70 Nova 5.3 with 4L60E

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I started a thread last year when i purchased my Nova. I was working out of a 1 car garage that i would hit my elbow on every wall when i turned a rachet. I finally got a new house and 2 car garage that has turned into my Nova Cave with plenty of room! I am a complete novice when it comes to...
  3. my 1971 nova lsx swap...someday

    LSx Forum
    so my plan is to swap an lsx into my 1971 nova..someday. i know for mounts and oil pan i want to go with autokraft mainly because it looks like the easiest option. but im still trying to find what the best and easiest swap for the fuel system. any ideas? thank you! also im thinking of going...
  4. 5.3 horsepower

    LSx Forum
    Just curious what hp and torque numbers would be possible out of a 5.3 cam and intake. Also if I could do the whole swap if I get the 5.3 for around $350 and use my current 700r4 how cheap could I do the swap? I'm in high school and don't have a huge budget to spend. Also how quick could someone...