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4th generation

  1. Anyone done a 200-4R swap into a 4th gen with factory floor shift?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I've got a '77 350/350TH, 3.08 posi, with factory buckets and floor shifter. I really would like to move to an overdrive tranny and happen to have a 200-4R sitting around already. (I also have a couple 700R4s here, but I like the 200-4R because it won't require driveshaft modification, among...
  2. 76 SS Header help

    4th Generation Nova's
    Motor is ready to drop in and now I am trying to find headers. Cylinder heads are angle plugs which I am finding to be a huge pain locating headers for my Nova. Running column shift, auto trans. Cylinder head exhaust ports are rectangular which is making header selection even more difficult...
  3. Back passenger light problems

    Hello! Still kind of new to this forum but i'm happy of have found it. I'm having trouble with my rear passenger light. It doesn't turn on at all and the rear drivers side light it brighter then the other, even when it was just a faint light. There were some exposed wires but I put caps on...
  4. What's a good tire size?

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi So I got a 78 nova 2door and just wondering what's a good tire/wheel size for the rear? Pretty much does anyone know the biggest and widest I can go? Thanks :)
  5. G'day guys

    Member Introductions
    So my names blue, just moved to idaho from down under couple months ago! Don't know much about cars but love to drive them :) Chevy novas look awesome and I was lucky enough to pick up a 1978 chevy nova when I got out here!! It's gonna be my everyday vehicle, but it's gonna need a lot of work...
  6. 4th Gen. 78 Nova. Need to know if they would fit?!

    4th Generation Nova's
    78 Nova rims that may fit? Wondering. Hello 4th Generation, need to know if these rims would fit my 78 Nova. :confused: Details are they are Chevy rims but 2011 ones from an Equinox. there 17x7 and lug is 5x4.75. They look really nice and all and for that price surely there is the...
  7. Props to all 4th generation

    Member Introductions
    i just want to start off sayin this site is awsome. i had a lot of questions before i was a member and just lookin through all the threads they have all been answered, except one. well the heck are they going to come out with full doors for the 78? lol all in all thanks to all of you who make...