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  1. 75 nova project

    Car Profiles
    This is my roller 75 nova project I picked up for a few hundred dollars. Cali car originally I live in AZ the plan is to make something fun. I just started the tear down so I’m far from done 5.3 lm7 junkyard, BTR stage 4 truck cam v2, Beehive valve springs, port and polished 706 heads, Holley...
  2. 4th gen rear brake shock clearance

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    78 Nova. I scored a rear disc brake conversion for a good deal. I'm mouting them on driver side and the bolt for the parking brake bracket is just barely in the way of the shock. I already removed the bracket for the parking brake spring. (I'm not too worried about keeping the parking brake if...
  3. 4th gen small to big block conversion

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I currently have a 350 gm crate motor in my 78. After running the numbers on it, it seems to be a basic 250hp build. I have a lead on a good deal for a BB. I have read through some of these threads. Seems to be a direct bolt in. I do have a 400 trans that i see the cross member needs to be...
  4. Possible 454

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I maybe trading my 77 roller ( really just shell) nova for a 1998 454 big block with vortec heads. Open chamber complete minus pulleys its a stock block fuel injected out of a dually truck. Supposedly it has 118000 miles on it and has recently had the heads and pan pulled to replace all...
  5. spacers on 4th gen for c6 wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    What's up? I came across a set of C6 wheels (18x8.5 & 19x10) for a price I couldn't turn down. I'm positive they won't just bolt up because of the spacing, my question is does anyone know what size spacers (or how many:() I would need to get these babies to fit? Thanks, all help is appreciated!
  6. Question: Fender Flares and Spoilers

    4th Generation Nova's
    I am looking to Customize my Nova to look a bit 'Mad Max' style with a Hood scoop, fender flares and a spoiler. The overall look of a SCCA/Trans AM series racer only street legal. I was wondering if anyone has tried adding the fender flares off the 77-81 Camaros to a 4th Gen Nova? If so how...
  7. In the Middle of Restoring my 4th Gen- Need advice

    4th Generation Nova's
    Looking for some assistance. I have a 77 base 2 door that i've started a partial restore. I'm not going to go deep into a resto cause the value isn't there yet. maybe it will be but for now its a toy and actually a daily driver. I am trying to find a good place for repro bumpers.. my bumpers...
  8. 4th gen 1979 Seam sealer/A pillar questions

    Body and Interior
    Hi, a newbie to this awesome site, I am needing assistance with my 4th gen Nova as my searches here have failed. I began removing trim as i am prepping for paint. As with any project car, i found a few (rusty) surprises along the way Although i was prepared for rust under the windshield trim...
  9. '75-79 Weatherstripping

    Body and Interior
    Does a kit exist with all the required door, trunk, and quarter window weatherstripping for a 4th gen? Any commonality with the 3rd gens? All I've been able to find through the usual suspects are a la cart. In my case, I'm looking for a 2-door sedan, non-hatchback.
  10. 4th gen front suspension(drag)

    Drag Racing Forum
    Going through my front suspension on the 79. Rear is all caltrac, monos, bars, and shocks. Th front is all stock other than some worn out shocks, and coil springs they have been cut down 1.5 coils. I've been looking at the moroso coils, afco extended ball joints and adjustable shocks. Also...
  11. mazoh - no official name yet - '77, nova-concours!

    Car Profiles
    mazoh - 4th gen (for the win) Pictures
  12. Good morning SNS!!

    Member Introductions
    actually, thats a lie, it's right about 9pm here. anyways, hi everyone, i'm mazoh, and this is my 1977 pride and joy! (4th gen for the win!). i hope that image loaded. anyways, its a '77 nova concours hatchback with the dash with 4 round guages (i didn't know that they all were not like that...
  13. Appraisal :)

    4th Generation Nova's
    HI all you 4th genners... just wanted to throw out there that I had my car appraised recently. It's a 76 SS Cabriolet (All Original). Came from South Carolina, but unfortunately the dealership it was sold from is LONG out of business. 350 - 4spd - cabriolet. Everything's as original as it...
  14. 4th Aftermarket Front-Clip?

    4th Generation Nova's
    Beforehand, I have done some searching already, but no luck =( I have a 4th gen (79) Nova that will be needing suspension upgrades/replacement due to it being sat in a field for quite sometime. What I was wondering is if there were any aftermarket front clips available for 4th gens? I have done...