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  1. 195cc or 210cc intake runners

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Putting togethor a 406 4 bolt main small block. Wiseco flottop 10:1 pistons 30 over. Eagle steel h beam rods 6 inches long. Callies compstar magnum 3.750 stroke. Clevite h series bearings i havent picked a cam yet but it will be a solid roller. i want a street and strip car probly see the strip...
  2. cam and intake help

    Drag Racing Forum
    I have a 72 pontiac venturaII (3100lbs) 8.5 gm 10 bolt 4.10 gears full spool 406 sbc .200 dome speed pro pistons,steel crank,5.7 rods,solid roller lifters,dart iron eagle platium 230 heads 2.08/1.60 64cc, flows 307cfm @.700 lift [email protected] .700 lift. 830 race style holley carb. 5500 stall 350...
  3. My 406 combo.

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hey Guys, Might be beating a dead horse here. But tell me what you think. 509 Two bolt block 400 sbc 4.155" bore, 0 decked, scat 3.75 6" h beam rods Srp pro. forged -5cc flat tops. Compression will be around 10.8.1 Afr 210 comp heads 75cc, Vic Jr. single plane 850 Holley carb. Lunati cam 600"...