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3 speed

  1. 1st Gen L6 with 3speed Exhaust

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Looking for a picture of the downpipe routing in a 1st Gen with factory exhaust manifold, L6 engine, and 3 speed manual transmission with column shift. It's a tight space. The assembly manual's picture is a bit vague and I've never seen what it is supposed to look like. I did find this...
  2. 1963 Back up lights / neutral safety

    Hey all, I have a 63 nova that I converted from a column shift automatic to a 3 speed manual column shift. I now have the wires for the neutral safety switch and the back up lights hanging under the dash. Is there an equivalent for the 3 on the tree? How can I get my back up lights to work...
  3. Shiftier housing play

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a question regarding the amount of play in my column shiftier housing. I have a manual three speed on the column and there seems to be a lot of vertical play in the shifted arm housing. (As it moved up and down on the steering column.) The previous owner did not have the column shiftier...
  4. 1974 3-speed. Definitely a project but I have too many ?

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Here you go, folks. A bit of a project but a 3-speeder. ? GerryLP:cool: