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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself. I bought a 1977 Nova Concours about a year ago. It's been my daily driver, and I think it will be for years to come. It originally had a 305, but the guy that had it before me put a 350 in it. I'm excited to learn more about my car...
  2. '77 -- add A/C

    4th Generation Nova's
    '77 6 cyl, 4 door Thinking about adding A/C to Nova that has never had it. Any advice??
  3. '77 4 door dashboard / AC

    Body and Interior
    I'd like to add air conditioning to a '77 4 door and think I found what is needed at Problem now is finding a dashboard with the A/C vents. Any ideas?
  4. Possible 454

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I maybe trading my 77 roller ( really just shell) nova for a 1998 454 big block with vortec heads. Open chamber complete minus pulleys its a stock block fuel injected out of a dually truck. Supposedly it has 118000 miles on it and has recently had the heads and pan pulled to replace all...
  5. Hello from North Carolina

    Member Introductions
    Howdy! I just got into a 77 with a 305 and t-50 5 speed. Everything works, closes, lights up, starts and stops as it should. I'm in the process of deciding what engine/transmission combo I want it to end up with. Although, the car is kind of a fun cruiser now. I've learned a lot from this page...
  6. 77 Nova front leaf spring bracket removal

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hello everyone, I am trying to fix the ride height of my 77. The rear leaf springs are way flattened out. I have on hand new leaf springs along with new bushings and shackles. My problem is in getting the old springs off. I can not get the front bracket off because the nuts just turn...
  7. 77 Trunk floor

    Body and Interior
    My trunk is almost totally gone and I am to the point I am about to have someone put a "floor" in for me to cover my gas tank which he is going to install for me as well. I am thinking just a flat 'pan' with a hinge so that I can access the top of the tank. Short of cutting up a donor car (if I...
  8. Need AC for '77 4 door/6cyl

    4th Generation Nova's
    My Nova has been moved from Seattle (no air conditioning needed) to a warmer climate. Any advice on purchasing NEW after market air?
  9. Greetings or how we say down here...Hey Ya'll

    Member Introductions
    Hey ya'll, My name is Clif, and I am from Lexington, SC. I am proud to say I am posting here as a owner again, versus an former owner. 25 Years ago I had a 1977 Chevy Nova with an inline 6. It was my first love, it was my dream come true. I lost her after less than a year because of...
  10. Radiator core support

    4th Generation Nova's
    Anybody know where I could buy a radiator core support for my 77 Nova Rally?
  11. the no name nova

    4th Generation Nova's
    that's the name for the car right now anyways. this will be my build thread, i don't know if that's the right title though since i lack the ability to build a car from the ground up. i AM working a damn small budget though, so maybe this will be helpful for people who also don't have a lot of...
  12. Good morning SNS!!

    Member Introductions
    actually, thats a lie, it's right about 9pm here. anyways, hi everyone, i'm mazoh, and this is my 1977 pride and joy! (4th gen for the win!). i hope that image loaded. anyways, its a '77 nova concours hatchback with the dash with 4 round guages (i didn't know that they all were not like that...
  13. 2010 Bracket Racing Videos in HD

    Drag Racing Forum
    Come check out my silver 1977 Chevy Nova get a new 434 cid small block and run down the track in the low 11's at and tell me what you think Thanks Rob
  14. 1977 Back Glass plastic trim clips

    Body and Interior
    can someone help me find the plastic clips that hold on the window trim around the back glass for a 1977 Nova Concours?