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1975 nova

  1. 75 Nova Restoration

    Body and Interior
    Hey all, I am new to this group and would like some guidance in beginning a project of restoring my 1975 Nova. I began by pulling out the seats, carpets and now leaning to removing all the plastic trim. My thinking is to start on the inside and work toward the motor, tranny and rear end. This...
  2. Complete Newb from GA/NC

    Member Introductions
    I hope all you guys/gals are well. I am new to the forum as I just inherited my great aunt's 1975 Nova. To be honest, never been a huge fan of the Nova until reading up on the history and seeing some pics online this past week. My great aunt bought it new and always did all the recommended...
  3. Disc Brake Swap

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I purchased a 9 inch rear with a disc brake setup. I am using it in a 1975 nova so I will need a master cylinder and power break booster combo so everything works all right. Has anybody done this and know where I can get a power brake booster and master cylinder setup that will work for this...
  4. 1975 Nova Shock Relocation

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hi, I purchased a ford 9 inch rear that was used in a 68 camaro i believe that originally came from from a 1979 lincoln versailles and it came with the whole disk break setup which i would like to use. It looks as if the callipers will hit the shocks unfortunately. I know I have seen a few...
  5. GenuineSS - 1975 Nova Custom, Super Sport

    Car Profiles
    GenuineSS - 1975 Nova Custom, Super Sport Year: 1975 Model: Custom, Super Sport Engine: 350 cid Body/Exterior: Persimmon Metallic (Medium Orange) Front End: stock Transmission: TH350 Rear End: 2.73 Posi-Traction Exhaust: Hedman Headers, Custom 2.5 Dual Exhaust to...
  6. Pinstriping and Wheels Opinions Needed

    Body and Interior Looking for some opinions from fellow Nova owners. I am really happy with the original owner...