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  1. Looking for a manual transmission 68-72 Nova close to Toronto, Ontario.

    1968-74 Novas *WANTED*
    Hi all, Having a tough time finding a solid car in the area for the past year. I'm not looking for a show car, definitely not a rust bucket, but something that is a pretty solid start which I can improve slowly. If you have anything contact me with your location and what it is you have...
  2. 1971 Nova doors

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hi, I am working on a 1971 Nova 2 door and found a door off a 1968 Nova, has anyone moved the lock so it works with the 69-72 door panels? is there any other differences between the 2 doors Thanks
  3. 1971 Nova Tachometer

    I cant seem to find a definitive answer to which tach was in the 71. Is it the round or the straight? all over google I see both. Please help wanting to put in and want it to be correct. Thank you!
  4. 71 SS owner from NC

    Member Introductions
    Hi guys, my name's Caleb, I'm 17 years old and I'm from NC. I've always wanted a Nova since I was about 12 or so, so the past few summers I worked my tail off til I earned enough money to buy one (two actually). I picked up my 71 and the parts car (69) in about November of last year and I've...
  5. One car that saddens me will go

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have fallen victim to posting a sale of a Nova.... So here is the add. This car has made me grin everytime I drive it. Pretty much, it is all true that has been posted in the add. Except the all leather seats. That car...
  6. 1971 Nova

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Just picked up this one in October 2012. Plans are new 383 stroker, 342 rear end, 700r4 trans. Any one have any other cool ideas will greatly be appreciated.
  7. dstrains - 1971 Nova 2dr

    Car Profiles
    Year: 1971 Model: Nova Engine: Stock 350 w/some bolt-on stuff replaced Body/Exterior: - Original with a couple small bondo areas. Color is maroon...ish. Some call it purple, I'd rather say plum. Cowl tag says original color was "Antique Green". Front End: Stock Transmission: Stock...
  8. what the hell is in my trunk?

    Body and Interior
    my 71 nova has a box spot welded to the back of the rear seat. any ideas what the hell this is?
  9. 1971 istrument panel removal

    Body and Interior
    i need to pull my instruments out, but haven't been able to find a how-to article anywhere. ive tried here, google, youtube, you name it. and none of the local parts stores have a haynes. im sure i could figure it out if i sat upside down/under the dash for awhile, just thought i would try to...
  10. My Budget 71'

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    First off, thanks for looking at my thread. I got this car for 1700 bucks and towed it back 2 hours to where i live. It is somewhat a tribute to my older bro who is no longer with us. RIP I used smaller pictures so it would load faster. :) This is what i started with. Here it is at...
  11. 75 Nova subframe in a 71 Nova

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I have a 71 nova with drum brakes and worn out suspension parts. I can buy a 75 nova front subframe with disc brakes and new suspension bushings etc. I know the 71 is rear steer and the 75 is front steer. Can I use the 75 subframe? The car is a SBC with an automatic. Any advice or help is...
  12. New from central oregon

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys I'm Will im new to Novas. This is my first one. I picked up a 1971 4dr Nova from an old neighbor who was gonna gonna give it to the crusher because their landlord changed their rental agreement to force them to get rid of any non currently registered cars. So I told her instead of...
  13. need help with Engine ID

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 1971 4 dr nova and im trying to id the motor. The Id i got off of it is T1102CMP. with the vin # 17c112566 as far as i can tell i was made in "T"-Tonawanda, NY, on "11"-November, "02"-second, "C"-car, but i cant find the Id for the "MP" its driving me crazy :slap: . any help would be...
  14. Laguna Newbie!

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Im Nick from Laguna Niguel, Ca, I have a 1971 and she is my daily driver! Runs pretty well but I am in the market for a 1966 or 1967 2 door rolling chassis in decent condition to swap my motor and trans into! I got the car in high school and brought it to WyoTech with me and pulled...