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  1. Looking for a manual transmission 68-72 Nova close to Toronto, Ontario.

    1968-74 Novas *WANTED*
    Hi all, Having a tough time finding a solid car in the area for the past year. I'm not looking for a show car, definitely not a rust bucket, but something that is a pretty solid start which I can improve slowly. If you have anything contact me with your location and what it is you have...
  2. TV OPPORTUNITY FOR NORCAL! Seeking 1970 (or similar) Chevy Nova for filming

    South Western US
    Hi Nova community! I'm an associate producer on an upcoming Netflix documentary. We're interested in sourcing a 1970 Chevy Nova for filming in the Monterey / Santa Cruz area on Feb 7 and/or 8th (exact details to be ironed out in coming weeks). If you or someone you know might be interested in...
  3. 1970 pro touring nova wheels and tires

    Wheels and Tires
    I have a 1970 nova pro touring project and the next step is new wheels and tires. I put speedway tubular control arms on it and they lowered it about an inch and a half in the front. what would be the best tire and wheel combo for a good budget protouring look? I especially need sizes of wheels...
  4. 1970 rear seats

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Does anyone have the measurements for the 1970 rear seat? What options do I have for a rear seat... Camero, trans am... Chevelle?? I can't find a rear seat anywhere
  5. Project "Ellie" 1970 Nova

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hello people of SNS! Just wanted to make a thread for my on going project to show my purchases and work being done on my 1970 Nova "Ellie" Purchased January 2nd 2016, a great start to a New Year! Once I get a chance ill take plenty of photos of the car and be sure to post them :) And for...
  6. Hello, I just got a 1970 Nova

    Member Introductions
    Hello! long time browser first time poster :) Just wanted to introduce myself as I've finally found and acquired my first car a 1970 Nova. Looking forward to using all the knowledge I've acquired from the site. And to hopefully show you my progress :D Also my name is Harrison from BC,Canada...
  7. Newbie from southeast georgia

    Member Introductions
    I am trying to trace back the roots of my nova. Take a look at my picture and see if you know who built or knows anything about it.
  8. 1970... need radiator suggestions

    Cooling and Heating
    Hey everyone.. Its been a awhile. Its time for a new radiator in my 70. Its got a Blueprint crate 383 and a TH350. It looks like the Champion CC571 is a good deal. Anyone have any experience with these? I want to use my old shroud, will the radiator bolt in using the old hardware/pads...
  9. Learning and Understanding 1969/70's NOVAS - I have some questions :)

    Body and Interior
    . Hey all... Please have patience with me. haha. Have a read a see if you can help. Cheerz I am Jonney. I have never built a car and know next to nothing about building one up and the killer world you are all a part of. :turn: I AM (on the other hand) soon to buy a 69/70 Nova Salvaged or...
  10. 1970 nova ss clone

    Car Profiles
    Engine: 355 11 to 1 compression camelback heads eldebrock air gap intake Body/Exterior: Black and gray Front End: Stock Transmission: 350 with shift kit Rear End: 373 alburn posi Exhaust: 2 1/2 x pipe flowmaster 40's Wheels/Tires: outlaw 2 bfg ta's Interior: black/ gray...
  11. 70 nova wheel questions

    Wheels and Tires
    I have a 70 nova and currently running american racing outlaw 2's 15x 8 3.75 back spacing with 265/50/15's that rub bad so I have air shocks that I have to keep a 100 pounds of pressure in to keep from rubbing. I would like to run these tires if I can because they have less than 1000 Miles on...
  12. Toggle switchin

    I have a push button start, but I still need to turn my ignition switch on( no key needed) to power on the fuel pump,fan and so on. I want to put my ignition on a toggle switch instead. I don't want to remove the key switch. I just want to cut the wires and hook it up to the toggle. Does any one...
  13. Chvnvss - 1970 Nova cpe

    Car Profiles
    Chvnvss - YEAR MODEL Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in) Year: 1970 Model: coupe Engine: 582 Body/Exterior: Blue Front End: ALston Transmission: TcI Rear End: FAb 9 Exhaust: Spin tech 4in Wheels/Tires: Mickey Thompson Interior:still working on it Electrical: custom...
  14. 1970 396 SS weight oem

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I need help to find the origional 1970 396 (big block) weight in O.E.M paper work via a pic or copy of a manufacturers documentation, so i can get licensing allowed with a 454ci big block.. I am in Western Australia where the licensing modification rules are related to weights and engine...
  15. Hugger Orange

    Member Introductions
    New guy here, from Saint Paul, MN. I have a daunting project that you may appreciate... 1970 Chev Nova SS396, Hugger Orange, Bench (Vinyl) seat, 4 Spd, Manual Steering, Power Brakes, 12 Bolt Posi, from Alaska. 27,000 actual miles. (there's not a lot of summer there, and not that many roads in...