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1967 nova ss

  1. Member Introductions
    I have been reading great posts from members for almost a year now... and decided today that I needed to just sign up! I own a 1967 SS Nova. It has the original 327, original Saginaw 4-Speed and orignal 10 bolt rear. I believe it just turned 60K miles. Just had the vinal top put back on...
  2. Parts for Chevy II/Nova/Acadian
    Just trying to find out what a 10 bolt posi (4:11) and fully operational rear-end is worth? Its out of a 67 ss, and I'm looking to get a fair price to list it at
  3. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    I've been in contact with a dealership in Florida about a 1967 ss (4spd) they have. In email claimed to be a "numbers matching" car asked for additional supporting docs , rather than the "I grew up at a dealership I know what it should look like, and it looks the part" bs form the guy...