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  1. '66 Serious Roof Sag Problem

    Body and Interior
    I've been sitting on my roof sag issue for a couple years now. Finally thinking about fixing it. Anyone with advice? It's got serious oil canning all across. It looks like someone stored bails of hay on top of this hardtop for a couple decades. No rust, no issues... Just can't install a...
  2. 1966 2 Door Sedan Amateur Build

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I'm starting this post to try and get some insight on moving forward with my project and show progress on the build. But before I get to that, just want to say thanks for everyone on this site putting out good info that I've been utilizing so far. I picked up this car last winter. A few owners...
  3. 5.3 turbo manifold on tci custom front end

    LSx Forum
    Im going to do a 5.3 turbo with front mount manifolds.. It will be sitting on TCI custom ifs front end... how many different front mount manifolds can I run with this setup... im not able to mock the engine in the bay quite yet. thanks you guys:devil:
  4. Tach

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Greetings all, So I decided to keep the 66 L-79 tach. I was wondering If anybody and I mean anybody would have a picture of the base alone??? I work in a CNC shop and would be able to make it but I need some kind of picture. Anykind will do. I will reverse engineer it. OR does anybody know any...
  5. 66 Chevy 2 Vinyl top trim

    Body and Interior
    I have a 66 Chevy 2 with a vinyl top. I am trying to locate the 2 trim pieces located on the rear quarter posts. Can anyone help?
  6. 1966-67 modified hoods. (1970 chevelle cowl on a 66)

    Body and Interior
    I have been wanting for the last couple of years to modify a hood for my car. What i have always wanted to do is graft a 1970-72 cowl induction hood from a chevelle onto my nova. I had found an article online after countless hours of searching for an aftermarket fiberglass hood of a shop which...
  7. looking for this 66 nova

    North Eastern US
    I am trying to locate Joe Tolisano's 1966 Nova SS/LA, this picture is from 1985 and was sold to Ron Morehead from Newburgh NY shortly before Joe passed away in August of 1985. The trail I have on the car so far is that Ron Morehead sold the car to Carmine Savino of Campbell Hall NY in the early...
  8. looking for this car 66 nova 1966 nova

    Drag Racing Forum
    I am trying to locate Joe Tolisano's 1966 Nova SS/LA, this picture is from 1985 and was sold to Ron Morehead from Newburgh NY shortly before Joe passed away in August of 1985. The trail I have on the car so far is that Ron Morehead sold the car to Carmine Savino of Campbell Hall NY in the early...
  9. 66/67 Holley Hi Ram LS w/TCI hood clearance?

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Is anyone running the Holley Hi Ram on their LS swap? I have a 2" cowl hood and ordered the TCI Pro-Touring front end. I've google searched and searched on here to see if I could find anything, but came up empty handed. I'm wanting to know if it will clear before I order an LS crate engine with...
  10. How can I ... Identify 66 L79 Nova Block

    The 283 in my 67 is getting tired. I'd like to find a L79 short block to rebuild. I have a four speed I know the casting is different in a Nova block for the shift linkage. 1. Can someone explain what to look for in the L79 Nova block casting. 2. Did they put these type of 327 L79's in any...
  11. 66 and 67 in Mobile on Craigslist

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Found these today while digging around on craigslist. I am not the seller. Thought it might be interesting to someone. He's a bit high on the price in my opinion but I guess you have to start somewhere. enjoy.
  12. New member from TX

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I am glad to be a member of the community. I love muscle cars in general, but especially Chevys. I have previously owned a 66 Chevelle and 73 Z28 and I currently have a 68 Camaro (still building) and a 66 nova that I have owned for about 15 years (and drive from time to time)...
  13. What to look for in a junkyard LQ9??

    LSx Forum
    So recently i started throwing around the idea of building an LS motor for my '66. So i did some research and it seems that the more budget friendly way to go for a N/A motor was to find a LQ9. What are some things i should be looking for when i go to a junkyard and try and pick one out? I...
  14. Best brand of weather stripping??

    Body and Interior
    I have a '66 sedan that was restored by the previous owner. The car does not seal well around the doors or the windshield. I think he used cheap chinese weather stripping for the whole car. My question to you all is, what is the best brand of weather stripping? I want something the will fit...
  15. Ford 9 inch Kits for a '66???

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Is there any companies out there that make a ready to go (or almost ready to go) bolt in ford 9 inch kit for the first and second gen cars? I have a 1966 sedan and want a 9 inch, but i dont have a ton of knowledge about them. So i figured my best bet was to find a kit, but i cant seem to find...
  16. In what order should i upgrade my front suspension?

    Church Boys Racing
    i just recently bought a 66' chevy II. I want to upgrade the whole front suspension, steering and braking with CBR components. I was wondering in what order should i do this? what should i replace first,second, and so on?
  17. 66-67 Dash Removal

    Body and Interior
    Hey guys new member here, I have a question and I searched some of the other threads here but I didnt find any that had a complete explantion on removal of the dash out of a 62-67 Nova. the most of what I found on here describes the windshield has to be removed and most of the rest is just...
  18. wesmigletz - 1966 2 Door Coupe

    Car Profiles
    wesmigletz - 1966 2 door coupe Pictures Year: 1966 Model: 2 Door Coupe Engine: 230 Body/Exterior: White/Blue Front End: Stock Transmission: 700R4 Rear End: 8.2", w/3.08 gears Exhaust: Single, and whisper quiet Wheels/Tires: 13", with Nova hub caps Interior: Stock Bench...
  19. Wheel Questions-66 Moredoor

    Finally got my baby shined up for the summer, but the wheels could use some work after 30+ years of sitting in a garage. Here are my questions: Did the wheel colors match the car? I am assuming they did but the wheels look more creamy next to the ermine white, could be grime, just checking...
  20. Ideas for 66 Wheels?

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Getting Ideas for my 66 Four door. I was thinking going classic with Cragar SS wheels, low profile tires, summit has some that around 140 a pop. What is a good combo without modifying any original body panels? I don't want to go too homey, more classic. What is the largest wheel that I could...