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  1. 65 Nova 4 door to 2 door conversion.

    Body and Interior
    New to the site guys. Hope this is the best place to post this. I have a 65 4 door, I want to know if its possible to do convert it to a 2 door with new quarters and doors. I'm not sure if there's a difference in roof heights, windows and such. I've tried all my research to find out if anyone's...
  2. New in Colorado

    Member Introductions
    Been wanting one of these a LONG time. Finally! My first plan is disc brakes and back seat belts for the teenagers in the family. It came with a 400 small block, 400 turbo transmission and B&M shifter, so I've been having a blast driving it. Found lots of good stuff on this site, thank you for...
  3. 65 Nova Grill

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    My grill is a little tired and I thought maybe I would look for a new one. So, I looked on ebay. I found this one for $1500.00 obo. Really? they are that scarce?
  4. 65 Chevy II Nova Hood Spear

    I notice all the repop hood spears for 1st generation list 1962-1964. Does 1965 have a unique spear? Is it longer? Different shape? My original 65 spear has 6 attachment points and seems to look like the repop. Unfortunately the chrome though not pitting, does not look so good. Thanks in advance...
  5. Tilt column for 65 wagon

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I have done all of the searching through old threads and the archives on this issue. I want to keep my column shift and go to a tilt column. My car is original manual steering with no modifications to the front end. I see it staying that way for quite a while. From my research, I realize that...
  6. 1965 Nova - Tires and Rally Wheels Installed (Pics)

    Wheels and Tires
    1965 Nova - Tires and Rally Wheels Installed (Specs and Pics) Finally got my black rally wheels and tires installed. Here are the specs. Fit great and NO rubbing. Ready for 14" front power disk brakes from "The Right Stuff". Wheels: 14x6 "YW" Code Rally wheels - powdercoat black - 4-3/8BS...
  7. Caught in the headlights

    I am starting a restoration of a 1965 Nova and it came without some of what I think I will need to mount the headlights. The problem is that since this is my first Nova, I do not know what the headlight mounting looks like in order to see what I am missing. Can anyone who has photos of this...
  8. 65 Nova Firewall Needed

    Body and Interior
    I am in need of a firewall for a 65 Nova, 2 door, non-SS car, inline 6. Other than Chevy2, does anybody know where a reproduction can be found? I appreciate it.
  9. 1965 nova steering wheel wobble.

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I was all excited when i thought i killed two birds with one stone. I had this wobble in my steering wheel and coincidentally i had a short that was draining my battery. I removed the steering wheel and noticed the turn signal mechanism had a gold colored metallic ring that had worked its way...
  10. 65 peak molding

    Body and Interior
    I am looking for the right side rear quarter peak molding, for 65 4door, does anyone know where i can get one or does anyone have it......????? Also needed are eyebrow moldings for 65..4door
  11. 327/TH 350 Dilema

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Since I am new to this I need advice on an engine and tranny set up. I know a fellow that has a 327, 300HP, with a moderately built TH 350. The engine is 100% complete and already mated to the tranny. He is asking $2000 for the combo and I am not sure if that is a deal or not. Once I buy the...
  12. Throttle linkage

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I will be replacing my V6 and 2 speed Power Glide with a 327 and TH 350. What I am unsure of is the throttle linkage. Does anybody know what changes/modifications I will need to make to the linkage, brackets, or anything else? As you can tell this is my first project and I am open to any and all...
  13. 1965 Nova II that needs a back seat

    Body and Interior
    Hey guys, I need some help! I recently purchased a 65 Nova and I need some help locating some reasonably priced parts. I need a back seat, a 327 oil pan (I'm taking out the V6 and replacing it with a 327), steering column (converting to floor shift), and a posi trac rear end. I have searched the...
  14. Help Repairing Trunk Diecast Mounting Studs

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Has anyone repaired/replaced the mounting studs on their Trunk Diecast? I have 3 studs that are broken off with about 1/4" remaining. Are these studs screwed in or cast with the rest of the part? My 1965 Diecast is good otherwise. I suppose I could use 3M mounting tape if there is no other...
  15. 65 Dash Pad

    Body and Interior
    Ive been looking around and I cant seem to find a place that sells a dash pad for a 65. Does anybody know of any places that do? Also, does the dash pad for earlier novas such as 62-64 novas fit on the 65? or are they different?
  16. John65ss - 1965 Nova SS (Clone)

    Car Profiles
    John65ss - 1965 SS Clone Year: 1965 Model: Nova SS (clone) Engine: 327 ci Body/Exterior: Stock - factory Ermine White Color Front End: Stock w/ all new parts, Idler Arm Bearing Conversion, 69-72 Chevelle disc brakes Transmission: Powerglide Rear End: 10-bolt 3.08 Exhaust...
  17. 1965 Nova SS

    Member Introductions
    Hey all! My name is Tony and I have a 1965 Nova SS thats a prostreet in the works. Im a US Marine that has a small budget, so its nice to see help from this site for good tips! Im a California Kid( Grew up Near Modesto,CA) but am stationed in North Carolina. My car was used as a drag car back in...